Monthly Bucket List -May 2016

I am hoping keeping a monthly Bucket list will give me the extra motivation I need to keep trying to reach certain goals, however small they are. Here goes..

Keep fit – I’ve recently got back into exercising and eating well, I’m wanting to lose some fat, gain a little muscle and feel a lot fitter. As I’m still in the early days of working out,  I’m not yet seeing results and this is when I usually give up and pack it all in. But not this time! I can do this!!

Drink more water – I drink far less water than I should and I have actively been trying to drink more but I’m still not quiet getting as much as I need so gotta step it up this month.

Spend more quality time with the kids – Sometimes I get so caught up in the housework and other things that “need” doing, that I end up putting off doing certain things with the kids because I feel like I have to get other things done first.  When really, everything else can wait. They are only little once, and grow up so fast. They deserve their Mummy’s special attention.  I will spend more time with them doing the things they enjoy most.

Get outside more! – Aside from the nursery run for Amelia, the kids and I spend way too much time in the house which drives us all slightly crazy. I want us to try and get out most days (weather permitting ), even if it’s just in our garden!

Read more – Pre -kids, I used to read all the time. I bloody love books. Now if I try to pick up a book to read, one of my kids either snatches it off me, accidentally rips a page or smears peanut butter all over it. Or when the kids are in bed, asleep, I’m usually too damn tired to keep my eyes focused on reading a single sentence let alone a chapter.  But I do miss reading massively, and I definitely need more “escapism” in my life sometimes so I’m going to work hard at making time to read some more.


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