Hello Spring!

Spring has finally sprung here and we are having quite a few lovely sunny days and so I’ve been trying to get outside with the kids as much as possible so that they can enjoy it. There have been the odd few days here and there where it’s rained all day, but the weather is definitely picking up. Unfortunately for me, it also means my hayfever has reared it’s ugly head again and I have to be forever dosed up on antihisthamines. And it’s only going to get worse for me once Summer arrives. I really do hate allergies.



Amelia keeps asking me if we can go to the seaside because it’s sunny now. I must have mentioned to her at some point during winter, though I can’t remember, that we’ll go to the seaside when it’s warm and sunny again. Our seaside holiday isn’t until September, so it’s a while yet bless her. Hopefully we can arrange a weekend away or something inbetween now and then. To try and make up for the lack of beach, I’ve made sure we have play sand etc for her to play with. Even Andrew has started playing with it rather than just shoving it in his mouth now.

Hubby bought Amelia the cutest little table, umbrella and chairs set for outside. She had spotted it in Asda months ago and begged for it but it was still wintery out and I promised her that we would buy it when spring came and it wasn’t so cold outside (it took me forever to peel her away from it, obviously I ended up bribing her with something else. amazing parenting right there.). So Mike ordered it for her and I set it up outside on the patio while she was at nursery. She was overjoyed when she saw it, never seen a kid so excited over a table before. We let her eat her tea outside on it and she ate all her food which she hadn’t done in ages. Typically, the day after it arrived it rained so I had to calm her down over the fact that she couldn’t eat outside that evening.





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