The 4 letter word all parents dread..

I wasn’t expecting this for a few years yet, at least not until Amelia started proper school which is over a year away still. But here we are, with bottles of Hedrin and the good old Nitty Gritty comb. Yep..LICE!

We were told someone in the family had caught them and I immediately checked through Amelias hair with the comb and couldn’t find anything, I spent a good 20 or so minutes going through her wet, conditioner drenched hair and couldn’t find a thing. I also went through mine and Andrews hair too and couldn’t find anything.

The following afternoon after nursery, I spotted a couple tiny dark specks in Amelias hair. I swore they moved but wasnt 100% sure. Nevertheless, I sent the mother in law out to get the Hedrin from the Chemist and I proceeded to wet comb through her hair again. I found a few tiny things, which I *think* were tiny lice. If they were lice, they must have only just hatched because they weren’t moving and were teeny tiny. My sister used to get lice all the time as a kid so I know what adult lice look like. But I couldn’t find any adult lice on her at all, and pretty sure I didn’t find any eggs either so I was a little unsure. But she said her head was itching, as was mine at this point. So I applied the overnight Hedrin last night and combed through again this morning and nothing to be seen. I’m about 80% sure she has/had lice so I’m going to do daily combing and repeat the Hedrin in a week to be sure. I also combed through Andrews very little hair, and nothing. I also combed through mine and hubbys hair, and found what I *think* were eggs, but again I wasn’t sure. Nothing live at all, and I spent a good 30 mins+ combing on each of us. Surely I’d have found at least one? The chemist gave us a different treatment to use on hubby and I, a ten minute one. So I applied that on us just in case because I was really itching and wanted to be safe.

I definitely have imaginary lice right now because I cannot stop itching and it’s driving me crazy and I’m driving hubby crazy by not stopping going on about it. If I don’t shut up soon, he may well divorce me over head lice paranoia!

I know that head lice will go on any head, no matter how clean. It isn’t about cleanliness. But the thought of having lice, just makes you feel gross and dirty doesn’t it? Why on earth do they even exist? They don’t serve any purpose other than to annoy kids and make parents lives hell. GTFO lice!

Amelia really tickled me though. I explained to her she might have little bugs in her hair and we were combing to get them out because we can’t let bugs live in her hair and she replied with “why can’t they live in my hair? my hair is their home mummy!” It reminded me of Karen in Outnumbered when she said she wanted to keep a nit town in her hair. I couldn’t stop laughing.



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