A glorious topic for my first post.

So around a month ago, I made a startling discovery.

Amelia had woken in the night crying, hysterical actually; saying her girl bits were hurting. So I turned on the light and grabbed some cream but I was not prepared for what was staring back at me. WORMS. FUCKING WORMS. Tiny, white thread like worms wriggling out my 5 year olds bumhole. Why aren’t we warned about this shit?

So I cleaned her up, sat her in the bath (at freaking 1am), layered her in cream and eventually got her back to sleep. I then very quickly hooped on Google to find out what the hell to do.

I’m not going to go into all the details about threadworms, you can Google it. But don’t Google it too much or you’ll drive yourself fucking crazy (like I did).

The next morning we were straight up the chemist and got medicine (Ovex) for us all, as you must all be treated. After a few days they seemed to come out in great numbers in Amelias poo, and a month later she’s been symptom free since. Also noticed a few in Andrews nappy a few days after starting the medicine. Hubby said he had no sign of them and I convinced myself I had them but I’m not totally sure.

We took the second dose two weeks later to be safe. We are keeping up with strict hand washing before food and after loo visits, and I’m still hot washing all bedding, towels, underwear and pjs and think I’ll continue with that just for peace of mind. I’m also still cleaning everything in fucking sight and regularly cleaning toys.

I think we are now worm free but apparently it’s very common to get reinfected, and since Amelia most likely picked them up from school,  I’m on high alert. (And still checking bums in the night with a torch like a creep)

The joys of children.